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Adelaide City Dirt Trails are located in the heart of Downtown, Adelaide, South Australia. It is a hub for BMX recreation and draws users from all over the country and the world. Amongst a beautiful natural setting in the south park lands, this facility caters for families, communities and bike riding enthusiasts.

We successfully delivered design and construction for the City of Adelaide as the lead contractor and handed over to the volunteer group the City Dirt Crew post construction. As part of the renewal, the council and stakeholder scope of works included the following:

A New Intermediate Section – This bike park style build is tailored for those wishing to progress to the advanced section of the park. We included some challenging trail features to teach bike skills and provide skill development.

A New Pump Track – Aimed for beginners and intermediate kids to adolescents, this pump track encourages users to learn ‘pumping’ skills and bike control through tight berms and rollers.

A New Advanced Start Mound – A re-work of the existing start mound to provide a compliant, larger starting platform, stairs and balustrades. This houses additional users and services the facility to greater measures.

A New Storage Unit – A walk in storage unit for the volunteer’s trail tools and accessories. This solution provides a safe and easily accessible area for the volunteers to access tools for maintenance of the space.

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Client – City of Adelaide.
Build styles – BMX Trails, Bike Park and Pump Track.
Skill level – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Community engagement – Community direction, user group implementation, ownership and pride.
Location – Kurangga Park (Park 20) Unley Road, Adelaide, South Australia.

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