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The Trail Collective is a family and rider owned and operated company. It brings together the experience and skills of professional, like-minded individuals to create global scale trails, bike parks and pump tracks tailored for a variety of wheeled and bike disciplines.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, The Trail Collective and its members have a deeply forged culture and a strong passion for setting the standard of recreational spaces within the BMX industry.

Our dedicated team works with local government and councils nationwide to create spaces with an educated and professional approach, ultimately creating the best standard of space, no matter the scale or direction.


Outdoor recreational activity is becoming an ever increasing issue, particularly amongst society’s young people. Participation rates in traditional team sports are declining and State and Local Governments are looking for new ways to deliver a means to increase community activity.

In contrast, action sports in Australia have seen a dramatic increase in numbers, with participation rates showing no sign of slowing down.

Engaging participants has become an important focal point for decision makers, imperative that new projects are undertaken with a long term vision for the future of youth recreation.

With the education behind active and healthy lifestyle choices and obesity prevention, a Trail Collective project is a creative approach to developing a unique and popular recreational community space.

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