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The Trail Collective offer a range of services delivering tailor made solutions using a staged, end-to-end process. We include community engagement as an important first step and oversee all aspects of design, construction, auditing , assessment and maintenance.

Our organisation solely handles the project from beginning to end and delivers high-caliber recreational assets that benefit stakeholders and communities as a whole.

As each project is different, please contact us and we can tailor a plan to suit your next project, scope and budget.


Our initial consultation with clients and key stakeholders allows us to gain the right scope for any project, ensuring a solid base to build the concept and finalise a project the right way.

Understanding the expectations through careful consultation, whilst utilising client feedback and project criteria are important first steps to any successful project. TTC can also assist with site selection for the ideal space and layout of your trail or bike park.

Community engagement is an important part of getting the most from a trail facility. Being a part of the process gives ownership and pride to the community, increasing a projects viability.

Working with key stakeholders, TTC aims to bring knowledge and to help educate those expressing a desire for a new or redeveloped facility.

We can assist in setting up a suitable model of consultation and engagement for a future project, one that is based on pre-existing methods already in place with Council or Local Government.

This works to ensure that the community take a positive approach, with a hands on discussion.


With direction from the consultation and community engagement stages we begin to create a concept.

This will include all details of what needs to be created within any constraints that are outlined, including additional amenities.

Our conceptual designs are professionally presented in our 3D design packages to include various perspectives. Depending on your budget, we also offer cross platform 3D presentations using specialist software including Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. These 3D options provide our clients with an interactive, hands-on and enjoyable user experience.

We then move forward to provide detailed design, technical drawings and additional inclusions for the project, outlining the exact detail of what will be undertaken during the construction phases.


From the concept and approval of design, we begin the preparation and construction stage. WH&S is at the forefront of any TTC project, ensuring the area is safely maintained and construction is efficient. Our team of experienced trail builders and contractors will then commence work to bring the concept to fruition.

If the concept includes any additions such as sustainable watering systems, landscape architecture or public spaces, these and others are managed within the project to ensure quality integration.

TTC will work through every stage to ensure the highest standard of workmanship, regardless of the budget and scope of the Trail project. Using experience and knowledge to ensure that the concept and design are just as well presented and thorough as the construction and final touches.


A Trail or Bike Park is built out of living materials and needs regular auditing and maintenance to keep riders safe and happy.

Depending on the location and the materials used during construction, as with any soil based trail, professional maintenance is required on a regular basis. 

TTC recommends this as an integral part to any successful facility and is something we pride ourselves on providing.

Each project is different, so we can have a tailored plan put in place for your project. Our experienced team can assist with auditing and maintenance for the longevity of a final space ensuring its ongoing participation and activation.

For further information, please contact us to make an appointment.


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